Commissioned Art: Robot A WIP v2

Not alot to say about this one.

We fleshed out the head a bit to fit in with my idea more, and tightened up the look of the clothing. The sloping shoulders are gone for a more ‘stylish’ look, and we’ve slimmed the sleeves a bit.

I wanted the robe to have a more dynamic feel to it as well. It looked a little limp before, kind of doctor-looking. Also gone is the kind of teeshirt and pants look for something a bit more professional looking.

Only two things spring to mind right now: The shirt/pants thing looks a bit too contemporary, and I kind of wanted the legs to have a chunkier, more robust feel to them. Maybe a couple small mods to the head.

Next post will be the final version! We got this one pretty close from the start, and it’s really helping me with my descriptive writing. :D

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