Mistaken Nostalgia

Yeah, I finally found something to write about that wouldn’t fit in 140 characters or less. This is rare, so read me well!

Defective photo services. I mean stuff like Instagram or Hipstamatic.

I wish you’d all stop using these! Photos that look like this are about as cool as songs sung by throat cancer survivors.

The whole idea behind certain old photos looking ‘cool’ was because of technical, physical, or other limitations of the period, reflected through the lens of time. These cameras took shitty photos, which via NOSTALGIA were lent a kind of charm.

The colours of winter would have been nice to see!

Very well, I can accept that these old shitty photos have, over time, earned a kind of artfulness, but again, there’s nothing else that could have been done. You can’t drive faster than your car can go.

The advent of digital cameras has opened up a huge new widened horizon of photography, with the only problem being the crappy sensors that most phones and compact cameras have. This leads to noisy images in the dark, but let’s ignore that and look at the best-case.

Come on now, the jungle should be vibrant. The picture is flat, all the depth in the face is gone!

Digital photos, at their best, are vibrant, sharp, and noise-free to an extent that film photographers could never have dreamed of. Whether this is desirable or not is beside the point, digital photos offer an unprecedented look at the world. What these apps do, and I guess I have to blame the users more than the apps (guns don’t shoot themselves, etc) is basically the equivalent of sandblasting your car or beating you new solid wood furniture with chains to make it look weathered. AKA shitty.

Scars are meant to be gained through experience and use; they’re supposed to have stories behind them. THAT is honourable. Dirtying up a mediocre photo to make it look more interesting is not just ugly and/or lame, it’s dishonest.

Way to not spend money! Jerk!

If you want to share what you see – I’m all for that! I love seeing pictures from my friends! – share what you SEE.

And lastly, if you think you’re being artistic… don’t. Art is not using a preset to ruin your photos; it’s not imposing someone else’s vision on your work.

PS – While looking for examples on GIS, I found others who share my disdain for this practice.

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