Good Business Alert!!

I bought a Broil King BBQ recently. I wanted to have it ready for a BBQ I was hosting for my friends, and it came just in time.

I set it all up and went to bed (took me a while because I was multitasking. Shut up Dansolo!)

I didn’t notice until the next day, when I was seasoning the cooking grids (those grilles that you actually cook food on) that one of them had come out of the box with 4 of the… rungs? cracked and broken off from the main frame. This is a bit dangerous, I thought, because not just was the ceramic coating cracked, but when the grid heated up and expanded (cast iron!) it might pop or something. Maybe debris in food. I dunno!

Crick crack!

So anyway, I called up the support line @ Onward Manufacturing (the company that makes Broil King BBQs I guess) and after a slightly cumbersome telephone directory, I talked to a nice gentleman who took my serial number and model number, and my problem. He then took my shipping info and had a new grid mailed out.

I waited a bit for it to get here, and yesterday it did. I was under the impression that they’d be sending an entire new set (which I said was unnecessary) but only the single replacement arrived, which is fine. I actually respect the lack of waste!

So that’s the long-winded way of saying that I’m going to go and season the new one and pop it on, and that I’m highly impressed with Broil King/Onward’s customer service! This is one purchase I don’t regret, and I’m happy to recommend one of their BBQs to anyone who asks.


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