Richard can be quite eloquent

This is word for word (except where I’ve abbreviated names to protect people’s privacy) the email my good friend Richard sent out to all of us regarding our upcoming yearly ‘outdoors’ weekend trip. He really can write a good *whatever* when he wants. Lots of good memories mentioned.


Hey all,

We’ve booked a cottage just north of Barrie, on the outskirts of Orillia for the weekend of September 9-11 (Friday night to Sunday noon).

It’s big enough to sleep 8, however I’m sure we can stretch that if more people are interested.  Here’s a few highlights of this cottage:

– canoe
– rowboat
– firepit
– air hockey
– propane BBQ
– walk out deck
– a second deck on the water
– fireplace
– hot tub

The total cost is $650 for the weekend, and so far we have 6 confirmations for both nights.  We need to know if any of you would like to also come up for either one or two nights.  The total cost would be split depending on how many nights you spend, so we would LOVE it if you could come for one or both nights.  Here’s a list of the local celebrities that will be at the cottage for both nights:

Richard K
Alva A
Daniel L
Danielle M
Nick S
Justin P

Yes, you too can be added to this star studded lineup.  Just reply ASAP with your RSVP for either one night or two.  You’ll also be treated to some world class eating as I will be performing all Executive Chef duties for this weekend trip as well. Suggestions are welcome, and will be seriously considered with a confirmation of attendance.

This is an annual tradition started way back in 2002 at the Darlington Provincial Park.  Don’t miss out on possible future “can’t miss” memories like:

– the choo-choo train passing through the campsite on an hourly basis
– Nick throwing an axe at a raccoon
– an unknown man aggressively approaching Nick with an axe in his hand
– a broken window via a badly kicked soccer ball
– over-proof unnamed European alcohol destroying everything in its path
– huddling in a small shack without heat on a cold night only to find the thermostat the next morning
– being charged with a traffic violation because Nick high beamed and honked his horn at me, thus awaking the park ranger from his slumber
– eating freshly cooked bacon, and then french toast cooked in the rendered bacon fat
– jumping into very cold bodies of water
– playing the guessing game as to which bathing suit Nick will bring
– hoping that Tony will not bring his transparent bathing suit
– meeting interesting single ladies from Barrie with rhyming names
– being thankful that Nick brought his massive tarp to give shelter against rainstorms
– attempting to keep a fire going all night at all costs by burning anything flammable

… and there are many more.

Come one, come all!

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