Corporations are People?

Had this discussion the other day after I heard Mitt Romney’s dumb remark. You know when you can’t tell if someone’s serious or not? This.

15:13 N-Bomb: what
15:13 N-Bomb: Romney said ‘corporations are people’ ?
15:13 Enron: probably
15:15 N-Bomb: wow.
15:15 N-Bomb: Your nation has to get rid of that kind of thinking
15:16 Enron: why? Corporations are people.  It’s made up of people, kept going by people, making money for people
15:16 N-Bomb: So then the government is a person too
15:16 Enron: that’s not the first time ive heard that before
15:16 N-Bomb: And so is my house
15:16 N-Bomb: my car is a person
15:17 Enron: govt is made up of people, yes
15:17 N-Bomb: So where does my car register to vote?
15:17 N-Bomb: An organization is NOT a person.
15:17 Enron: your house is not made up of people, though.
15:17 Enron: neither is your car or your keyboard
15:17 N-Bomb: People live in it
15:17 N-Bomb: it’s kept going by people
15:17 Enron: people USE it.
15:17 N-Bomb: People USE the corporation
15:17 N-Bomb: it’s a TOOL
15:17 Dansolo: I kinda agree with N
15:17 N-Bomb: for the accumulation of CAPITAL
15:17 Enron: but the corporation isn’t an inanimate object
15:17 N-Bomb: Right, it’s intangible
15:18 Enron: its a grouping of people
15:18 N-Bomb: If you’re not a HUMAN BEING
15:18 N-Bomb: you’re not a person
15:18 Dansolo: Yes, but you can’t regard it as something beyond the people that make it up.
15:18 Enron: ive heard my own company use that same line
15:18 N-Bomb: And this may change with advances in AI
15:18 Enron: for morale boosters
15:18 Dansolo: The goals of the corporation are not the same as the goals of the people in it.
15:18 N-Bomb: But for now
15:18 N-Bomb: That kind of degenerate thinking is part of what’s causing your nation’s problems
15:18 Enron: a corporation is people
15:18 Dansolo: Meaning I don’t like how large corporations lobby the government
15:18 Enron: much like your office is people
15:18 Dansolo: and all that other shit that they do
15:19 N-Bomb: it distorts the representation of REAL people
15:19 Enron: much like a church is people
15:19 N-Bomb: My off is not people
15:19 N-Bomb: My office is an office.
15:19 N-Bomb: A church is a building.
15:19 Dansolo: only individual people should have any say about anything
15:19 Enron: no, a church is an organization
15:19 Enron: a church building is a building.
15:19 Dansolo: people in an organization should only be regarded as an actual group of people when they are IN that organization (i.e. AT WORK)
15:19 N-Bomb: No, a CHURCH is a BUILDING named a CHURCH
15:20 Enron: seriously does n-bomb not really get how organizations are people?
15:20 Dansolo: otherwise, they should be completely separate things
15:20 Dansolo: I get what you’re saying
15:20 Enron: so the Catholic Church
15:20 N-Bomb: Because otherwise it would just be a STRUCTURE
15:20 Enron: is a building?
15:20 Enron: D:
15:20 Enron: hey guys
15:20 Dansolo: but I don’t like it
15:20 Enron: all organized religion
15:20 Enron: is just a building!
15:20 N-Bomb: The church, as an organization, is an organization.
15:20 Dansolo: well
15:20 Dansolo: buildings
15:20 Dansolo: are FAR more useful than religion
15:20 N-Bomb: The people IN the organizations are people.
15:20 N-Bomb: THEY get consideration
15:20 Enron: the pope is actually a brick split-level ranch!
15:20 N-Bomb: The organization itself does not.
15:21 N-Bomb: <+Enron> no, a church is an organization <– *a* church
15:21 N-Bomb: church as an organization is a ‘the’
15:21 N-Bomb: So would it be fair to give certain people more than one vote in an election?
15:22 N-Bomb: This is the kind of simple logic that seems to evade some people ~_~
15:22 Enron: its more like your logic is weird and twisted
15:22 N-Bomb: No
15:23 N-Bomb: It can’t be any simpler than ‘organizations are organizations, not people’
15:23 Dansolo: no
15:23 Dansolo: his logic is right for once
15:23 Dansolo: he just sucks at explaining it
15:23 Enron: basically, correct logic in bombfantasyland is “anything that I agree with”
15:23 Enron: and everything else is illogical
15:23 N-Bomb: ‘people are living beings (currently) classified as homo sapiens’
15:23 Dansolo: you can’t count a person once as an individual
15:23 Dansolo: and then again as part of a group
15:23 Enron: organizations are made of people. Organizations are therefore people.
15:23 N-Bomb: If you’re not a living individual, you cannot be a ‘person’
15:23 Enron: do organizations get a vote? no
15:24 N-Bomb: Of course they do
15:24 Enron: if you build a house out of bricks
15:24 Dansolo: How about workers unions that have seats in the government?
15:24 N-Bomb: not as such
15:24 Enron: its a house
15:24 Enron: but its still brick
15:24 N-Bomb: Dansolo: correct
15:24 N-Bomb: voting isn’t the only influence
15:24 N-Bomb: So organizations are soylent green :P
15:24 N-Bomb: <+Enron> organizations are made of people. Organizations are therefore people. <– don’t know if serious
15:25 Enron: the boy scouts of america are people. The national organization of Women are people.
15:25 Enron: what are they if not people?
15:25 Enron: cats?
15:25 Enron: dogs?
15:25 Enron: pencils?
15:26 Enron: speakers?
15:26 N-Bomb: The BOY SCOUTS themselves are people
15:26 N-Bomb: The Boy Scouts organization is NOT
15:26 Enron: its a grouping of people.  How can a grouping of people not be people?
15:26 N-Bomb: You’re saying that books are words.
15:26 N-Bomb: Because it’s a GROUPING
15:26 Enron: technically, they are.
15:26 N-Bomb: The PEOPLE in the group ARE THE PEOPLE.
15:27 N-Bomb: The house is not the bricks, it is MADE of bricks.
15:27 Enron: so do they cease existing as people if they are a part of an organization?
15:27 N-Bomb: The bricks are a component.
15:27 Enron: there’s a serious flaw in your logic here
15:27 N-Bomb: How do you figure? Their status does not change either way
15:27 N-Bomb: Just like the organization’s status does not change
15:27 Enron: is your bowling team not people?
15:27 N-Bomb: With people or without, the organization is not a person.
15:27 Enron: without people
15:27 Enron: there is no organization
15:27 N-Bomb: No, otherwise it wouldn’t have a specific name
15:28 N-Bomb: it wouldn’t be a team
15:28 N-Bomb: It would be Roy
15:28 N-Bomb: We are Roy
15:28 N-Bomb: You’re taking this idea way too far >.>
15:28 Enron: im not taking anything too far.  Im just explaining that groupings of people are still people.
15:28 Enron: is your family not made up of people?
15:29 N-Bomb: Made up of people
15:29 N-Bomb: Not a person.
15:29 N-Bomb: This is why we have hierarchical designations for components.
15:29 Enron: you have this notion that people that have come together to work as a corporation somehow are no longer people and should be treated like a thing, because of your irrational hatred for corporations
15:29 N-Bomb: Atoms make molecules
15:29 N-Bomb: molecules make cells
15:30 N-Bomb: cells make organs
15:30 Dansolo: honestly
15:30 N-Bomb: organs make people
15:30 N-Bomb: people make organizations
15:30 Dansolo: I think that N-Bomb’s argument is common sense
15:30 N-Bomb: and so on
15:30 Dansolo: I think that Enron’s argument at the moment is as bad as N-Bomb’s usual arguments are
15:30 N-Bomb: But the one higher in the order is NOT the one in the lower.
15:30 Enron: congrats, bomb, the most irrational of the teapartiers in this channel
15:30 Enron: agrees with you
15:30 N-Bomb: Otherwise there would be no distinguishment between them.
15:30 Dansolo: the group itself is irrelevant
15:30 Enron: another blow to n-bomb’s logic
15:30 Dansolo: only the individuals are relevent
15:31 N-Bomb: Dansolo is correct
15:31 Dansolo: anything else is corruption
15:31 N-Bomb: The group only has a name to distinguish it from nothingness
15:31 N-Bomb: and for identification purposes
15:31 Enron: lol, the two most irrational people politically in this channel agree with each other. Oh no!
15:32 Enron: anyways, bombs retardedness aside, mitt romney is right in that you can’t dehumanize a group (corporations) in order to push your will onto them
15:32 Enron: they are people too
15:32 N-Bomb: No
15:32 N-Bomb: The people in the group are people.
15:32 Enron: should they have legal personhood?
15:33 Enron: probably not
15:33 N-Bomb: They have personhood as being people
15:33 Enron: but that’s not what they were talking about
15:33 N-Bomb: Their group should not.
15:34 N-Bomb: Either way it’s flawed thinking
15:34 Enron: i agree, your thinking is indeed flawed.
15:44 salkaman: <+Enron> is your family not made up of people?  <- perhaps my family should have an extra say in country policy, on top of my own vote as an individual
15:46 Enron: <salkaman> <+Enron> is your family not made up of people?  <- perhaps my family should have an extra say in country policy, on top of my own vote as an individual – we werent talking about actual legal personhood
15:47 Enron: just of the concept that organizations of people are…people
15:47 Enron: giving your family an extra vote is dumb anyways
15:48 salkaman: giving corporations extra votes is dumb also, enron


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