Some of my political beliefs

Don’t know why this came up. Oh wait:

21:49 < N-Bomb> Why can’t we have a candidate that’s a social liberal and a fiscal centrist, slightly conservative?
21:49 <+Enron> we do
21:49 <+Enron> they are called libertarians
21:49 < N-Bomb> No
21:49 < Dansolo> close
21:49 < N-Bomb> Libertarians are bad
21:49 < Dansolo> libertarians are fiscally very conservative
21:50 <+Enron> but they also tend to come with a dose of NOT LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD
21:50 < N-Bomb> They’re basically social survivalists
21:50 < Dansolo> and N
21:50 < Dansolo> you are not slightly conservative
21:50 < Dansolo> at all
21:50 < N-Bomb> fiscally?
21:50 < Dansolo> yes
21:50 < N-Bomb> When I say conservative, I don’t mean right wing
21:50 < N-Bomb> I mean careful of spending
21:50 < N-Bomb> And not just blowing it on everything
21:51 < Dansolo> like health care?

I don’t think there’s anything super controversial here, but it’s just kind of stream of consciousness, pulled out of the conversation above and formatted for ease of reading.

  • Universal healthcare should be a right
  • Marrying should not have religious ties to be official
  • There should be no such thing as a no-bid govt contract
  • Police should be required to be on camera while on duty
  • Elections should be free of all donations and only supply public money to the candidates
  • Telecomm infrastructure should be shared and leased out equally to any party
  • Drugs should be legal and regulated
  • All firearms should require a license, but not be banned
  • Prisons should be publicly run, and not contract out at all to private companies
  • The public service should not have any unions
  • The government should not be able to legislate back-to-work for any private sector union
  • Abortion should be legal and promoted with the same effort as birth control
  • There should be no religion-based public schools
  • The environment must be protected from exploitation, but not from use

Meh. The best of these come out in non-thinking discussion. Trying to think of these on purpose just seems lame. The bottom line is that Bill & Ted really did put it best – we need to ‘be excellent to each other’. There is no room for selfishness anymore.

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