Subaru BRZ (concept?) Outted in Subaru Canada Commercial?

If you take a look at this ad that Autoblog posted a few days ago, you’ll notice something in the opening shot of Dancing Pencil Man:

Shake your bootay


See the blue car up in the upper right corner of that central collage of concept art?

Sexy hood scoop, Brizzy!


Yeah, I ‘enhanced’ it and upsized it a bit so you could see more detail. Stuff we may or may not know about the car: it’ll have a top-mounted intercooler, just like a WRX. This car will most likely be turbocharged in at least the top trim level.

You’ll notice the lines are a bit smoother, less wild, than the FT-86/FR-S concepts we’ve seen so far. I’m betting that this is a 90% final design – maybe just some tweaking of the front/rear end lighting. Not convinced? Compare to the recently leaked Modellista pics or the one from BC (thanks to FT-86 club!):



What do you think? Is what I’d ask if I had comments. Let me know on twitter!

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