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So I got a new car, recently.

{a href=""}Kristen{/a} said I should name it. Any suggestions?

So I’ve gotten a lot of flack from people who are saying “You should’ve just gotten something newer!” and “Why would you buy something old to modify when you could get something fast and newer?” etc.

Well, there are a couple of points:

A) older cars are lighter and not full of so much electronic trickery. I don’t need stability control or keyless entry or any crap like that. I’d rather not have power windows, but that’s hard to find, even going back to 1999.

B) Newer cars are EXPENSIVE. A new 2012 Subaru Impreza WRX STi will run you $44,000-50,000. Even if I could afford that, why would I want to blow all of my load on a car? A 2004 STi (the newest I’d really consider for various reasons) will cost $14,000-17,000 used depending on if you buy it privately or from a dealer. This baby ran me 1/10 as much as new – I got it for $4500 all in (taxes, etc etc), and with mods, I I think I can get it to be more fun than the 04 for under $14,000.

So then! With this all in mind, I’ve put a little ‘budget tracker’ at the bottom of my page. Every non-maintenance thing I do to the car, be it mods, upgrades, repainting, etc… I’ll list in that little table. My goal is to get this done for LESS than the cost of the newer used one (although even at the same price, this thing’ll be so much better/funner.) If you’re at all interested or give a hoot, you can check that out once in a while.

I don’t promise regular updates, only updates when there’s something to add.

Cheers, and wish me luck! :)

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