Project Monster is Complete!

So it’s taken a while, thanks to the engine supplier giving us a hacked-up engine harness, but it’s finally done!

Much thanks to Frank and Dan at Four Star for their patience with all my questions and visits to drop parts off and check things out. The process is fascinating!

From what I remember (don’t have the invoice in front of me), it’s a ‘Ver 10′ engine, 3.90 final drive, 6spd, brembos, 5×114 hubs, etc etc…

Dyno’s already been done – they didn’t print out the chart, but Frank said he’ll email it to me. I’ll post it then if anyone wants. According to my him, it’s putting down 230-240hp at the wheels, so close to 300hp at the crank likely, on 91 gas. This thing actually scares me. Stock, you had to really work to break the law, now you can do it without thinking (but not without noticing).


Crappy interior shot. Still needs work (by me) – gotta get a decent shift knob and install the boost gauge. I want to switch to crank windows. Never much liked power windows, and the regulator on the driver’s side is failing, so that’s as good an excuse as any.

Auto to 6spd swap. New clutch taking some getting used to, especially with light flywheel!

Old vs. new cluster. Main differences (don’t much care for the blue, but oh well) are tach/speedo placement/limits, colours, DCCD display.

Front wheels/brakes. Prodrive GC07-Cs, 17″

Rears. May have to get my fenders rolled, as the tires rub a little.

Engine bay! Stuff’s packed in pretty good! It’s mostly stock except for the Perrin turbo inlet. Room to grow, as they say

The rest of the exterior is really nothing to write home about at this point. Respray next year (red), maybe some other stuff. We’ll see. My wallet’s tapped out right now! May have to put off getting winter wheels/tires for a few months.

Immediately next on the list: put new wipers on, get the car appraised for insurance, and update my budget tracker – yes, I DID go overbudget! But not by a ton (although taxes really hurt).
Thanks for reading.

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