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This will all be posted in other places I frequent as well, but this listing should always be the most up to date. All prices are ‘or best offer’. I’m running this semi-auction style. So I’ll tag each item with an offer with the initials or email address prefix of the person with the offer. (like N.B. or joemama@). Or I might just take the first offer. It’s up to me, anyway.

All lego sets are complete with manuals unless otherwise stated, otherwise you generally get what you see here. Any questions about pieces, you can msg me @nbomb on twitter, or email my gmail account ‘nbombb’

I’m selling a bunch of old toys and games that I have little use for now. What I do have a use for is the money and the closet space. Without further ado:

RPGs & Such

A couple of old Marvel pen and paper RPGs. The basic and advanced set. Should be complete, might have a couple paper markers missing? (Asking price TBA)

The 40k box is empty. I believe all of its materials are in the Dark Millennium box. 40k box – $free, Dark Millennium/40k stuffs- $50

Titan Legions Epic base game and Armies of the Imperium expansion. – $30/$30 or $50 for both.

Some old D&D basic boxed set. Not sure how complete, but barely used. $10

Man o War + Plague Fleet + Sea of Blood expansion. No Man o War box, but all three games’ materials should be complete-ish and in here. – $140



Black Seas Barracuda – there are a few pieces missing and I’m not sure that the minifigs are correct. Missing pieces are minor and include some string, a couple yellow hinges, the figurehead, a red flag, a sail, a couple knobby pieces for the yardarms. See below image for a shot of it mostly-built. – $100

Space Police II Galactic Mediator – $40 – missing 2-4 pieces, no box.

Pic of Black Seas Barracuda and Galactic Mediator in mostly-built form.

From upper left: Explorien Starship – $80 , Crystal Explorer Sub – $20, Unitron Star Hawk II – $60, RoboForce Robo Raptor – $15

Ice Planet Deep Freeze Defender – $50 (missing two pieces, below), Star Wars Sith Infiltrator – $20

Deep Freeze Defender is missing one of each of these.


Toys (mostly Transformers)

Jetfire (broken) – $20, Gobots Power Suit – $20, weird toy – $10, Galvatron – $20, Die cast Macross/Robotech SDF-1 toy – $20, Insecticon Ransack – $15, Insecticon Venon (broken) – $10, Grotesque – $20

Various Transformers and other toys – $5-10

Various Gobots – $5. The orange truck’s head is broken.

Various transformers: Top row: $5, $10, $10, $20, $5, bottom row: $5, $10, $10, $5, $5

Transformers 2000 (car robots, RID) – All three cars for $50 or $20 each, All 4 construction combiners for $60, Gigatron – $30

Broken Metroplex – $15

Takara GaoGaiGar toys – HyoRyu and EnRyu – $200 for both, $150 each.


DVDs and software

Various old PC games. $5 each

Various DVDs. $5 each.

Various DVDs. $10 for the Family Guy boxes, $5 for others.

Various DVDs – $5. Lord of the Rings set – $40, Star Wars set – $30, Indiana Jones set – $30, Ghost in the Shell season 1 complete – $50, Ghost in the Shell season 2, disc 1 box – $15


Misc stuff

old SparQ drive and disc – $20, Motorola cable modem – $20, Digimon toy – $5

Original Game Boy w/ 3 games – SOLD

Pioneer DV-343 DVD player – $30


That’s it for now!

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