A Personal Trainer for your Car

Full disclosure: this post has been sitting here for a couple months. Just now had the motivation to get it done.


So I went to get re-tuned by Andy @ Neetronics. Nothing but great things to say about him and the job he does. Seriously, if you need your car tuned (or any number of other things) get in touch w/ him.

But first… I had to install the upgrades!

(I feel like this is too inside...)

(I feel like this might be a little too inside…)

Well, just pics of the downpipe. An intercooler hose kit is just a collection of silicon hoses that replace the stock items and flow better. An EBCSs is an electromagnetic device that is controlled by the car’s computer to feed pressure to where on the turbo it’s needed. Add to that a PTP turbo blanket (covers the turbo to keep heat in), and a TiC Holy Shift kit (replaces soft rubber bushings in the manual shifter with harder polymer to improve shifting feel). What a difference!


This is a 3″ into 2.5″ catted downpipe. It connects the exhaust flange on the turbo to the muffler.

Big beeef

Big beeef

High flowin'

High flowin’

That above is the catalytic converter. It can be a big restriction, especially on a turbocharged car. This one in particular uses a rolled medium that is a lot less dense than normal and produces much less of a restriction, while still keeping up my green cred. Such as it is. Yes, I’m a tree-hugger that loves to burn gas. I don’t see a conflict in that.



Just a shot of the ‘bellmouth’, or the end that hooks up to the turbo. This is extra-wide and really allows for the exhaust flow to just head through without bunching up. You can fit your fist in there. Or possibly a baby’s head. It’s great.

Andy appreciated the extra AF bung for tuning. I love neat little weld-on logos like this.

Andy appreciated the extra AF bung for tuning. I love neat little welded-on logos like this.


I can see Russia from here!


This is the intercooler. The bright red hoses are the new ones. I also found out I actually have an uncapped head breather line that I should probably plug in somewhere or something.


New gaskets are handy. ALWAYS use new gaskets when you’re removing/reinstalling anything that uses gaskets! It’s a cheap way to ensure you have no leaks.


Then I took some time out for Toronto Wing Fest, where I met up w/ Justin of Eating Your Content fame. The Office Pub’s and Tara Inn’s wings were the stand outs of the day for me.

Justin says it better than I:


Back to the car.


I also got Andy to replace my spark plugs while we were at it (since I’d totally forgotten about them when I was doing all the work in the driveway)


Jump on the dyno…


The result? It feels like a totally new car.


Just kidding. Here's the dyno plot for power, Air-fuel, and boost.

Just kidding. Here’s the dyno plot for power, Air-fuel, and boost.

To explain: The red lines are the previous state of the car. You can see how it makes power sooner (the left side of the graph) and makes more of it.

In the AF graph, lower means richer (aka more fuel in the mix), and higher means leaner (less fuel). Generally leaner makes more power, but is runs hotter and is more dangerous. Previously the car was running super rich, I guess as a safety feature.

Lastly, the boost curve. This is related to the power graph. You can see that it peaks sooner, and is able to move about with more granularity. Vital for getting things tuned properly.


Okay, onto Subaru jargon – EJ207 V9 engine, w/ perrin inlet, turbo blanket, Lachute catted DP, Grimmspeed EBCS, Hayward & Scott catback. I think that’s it for power. I need to replace my air filter and change my oil. :P

+30hp, +40tq, -500-600rpm
~275 ft-lb, and 270 hp (ignoring the peak), spooling up something like 3300-3500rpm. Not running so rich as before.


Alright! What’s next in store, power-wise, for the car with no name? (I’m working on it.) I’m going to get a Cosworth 2.2L stroker kit at some point, and maybe combine that with getting the turbo rebuilt by Six Star Speed to upgrade it w/ a billet wheel and ball bearing cartridge. I’m really not looking for more power so much as more grunt down low and a wider powerband, so maybe I can even run a bit lower boost to increase longevity. I’m more than happy w/ having roughly a V8 Mustang under the hood of my little Scooby! :D

Till next time! (a post about the chicken I fried up a few months ago)

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