Subaru BRZ (concept?) Outted in Subaru Canada Commercial?

If you take a look at this ad that Autoblog posted a few days ago, you’ll notice something in the opening shot of Dancing Pencil Man:

Shake your bootay


See the blue car up in the upper right corner of that central collage of concept art?

Sexy hood scoop, Brizzy!


Yeah, I ‘enhanced’ it and upsized it a bit so you could see more detail. Stuff we may or may not know about the car: it’ll have a top-mounted intercooler, just like a WRX. This car will most likely be turbocharged in at least the top trim level.

You’ll notice the lines are a bit smoother, less wild, than the FT-86/FR-S concepts we’ve seen so far. I’m betting that this is a 90% final design – maybe just some tweaking of the front/rear end lighting. Not convinced? Compare to the recently leaked Modellista pics or the one from BC (thanks to FT-86 club!):



What do you think? Is what I’d ask if I had comments. Let me know on twitter!

Some quick SSD benchmarks

Too wordy to put into Twitter.

Basically I just installed a 160GB Intel SSD 320 into my 2008 Mac Pro. Performance…  I really couldn’t tell how it was after enabling TRIM, but I felt like something was off after doing so.

By the way, for those of you with TRIM-supporting SSDs, you can bypass Apple’s arbitrary restriction on OS TRIM support by following the instructions HERE.

Using this, and later finding this page regarding benchmarks based on both the TRIM setting and the volume mounting option ‘noatime’, I decided to try the benchmarks myself since the settings were of interest to me.

Using the same settings in Postmark, namely:

set buffering false
 set size 500 100000
 set read 4096
 set write 4096
 set number 10000
 set transactions 20000

I ran the benchmark with the stock configuration, with TRIM but not noatime, and with noatime but not TRIM, and compiled everything.

The results are as follows:

SSD +TRIM -noatime
    17 seconds total
    12 seconds of transactions (1666 per second)
    557.87 megabytes read (32.82 megabytes per second)
    1165.62 megabytes written (68.57 megabytes per second)

SSD -TRIM -noatime
    16 seconds total
    11 seconds of transactions (1818 per second)
    557.87 megabytes read (34.87 megabytes per second)
    1165.62 megabytes written (72.85 megabytes per second)

SSD -TRIM +noatime
    16 seconds total
    10 seconds of transactions (2000 per second)
    557.87 megabytes read (34.87 megabytes per second)
    1165.62 megabytes written (72.85 megabytes per second)

And finally, in graph form:

In conclusion, it seems that (with Intel SSDs, at least) for best performance you’ll probably want to keep both TRIM and noatime turned off, at least until Apple gets its shit together and makes TRIM work better.

I saw TRIM lower throughput by around 6%, and transactions by around 9%. Noatime on its own was responsible for an additional gain of almost 10% in transactions per second!

I’m not sure if this affects stock Apple SSDs, but it might be worth trying to knock out TRIM and see how that affects performance, and I’m joining the growing crowd that recommends that noatime be enabled for any SSD – not just for longevity concerns (which may or may not be baseless), but because it hurts nothing, but improves the speed of operations.

I made a video of the finish line.

We were racing in Forza Motorsport 4, maybe 5 of us, and it came down to me and this guy at the finish.

I managed to lose traction and slide into the wall, and when he tried to pass me on the rebound, he managed to t-bone me instead and careen off to wreck in the pit, giving me a sure win as I wrested back control from the laws of physics!

This is my first time using Final Cut Pro X. Lots to learn!

Some of my political beliefs

Don’t know why this came up. Oh wait:

21:49 < N-Bomb> Why can’t we have a candidate that’s a social liberal and a fiscal centrist, slightly conservative?
21:49 <+Enron> we do
21:49 <+Enron> they are called libertarians
21:49 < N-Bomb> No
21:49 < Dansolo> close
21:49 < N-Bomb> Libertarians are bad
21:49 < Dansolo> libertarians are fiscally very conservative
21:50 <+Enron> but they also tend to come with a dose of NOT LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD
21:50 < N-Bomb> They’re basically social survivalists
21:50 < Dansolo> and N
21:50 < Dansolo> you are not slightly conservative
21:50 < Dansolo> at all
21:50 < N-Bomb> fiscally?
21:50 < Dansolo> yes
21:50 < N-Bomb> When I say conservative, I don’t mean right wing
21:50 < N-Bomb> I mean careful of spending
21:50 < N-Bomb> And not just blowing it on everything
21:51 < Dansolo> like health care?

I don’t think there’s anything super controversial here, but it’s just kind of stream of consciousness, pulled out of the conversation above and formatted for ease of reading.

  • Universal healthcare should be a right
  • Marrying should not have religious ties to be official
  • There should be no such thing as a no-bid govt contract
  • Police should be required to be on camera while on duty
  • Elections should be free of all donations and only supply public money to the candidates
  • Telecomm infrastructure should be shared and leased out equally to any party
  • Drugs should be legal and regulated
  • All firearms should require a license, but not be banned
  • Prisons should be publicly run, and not contract out at all to private companies
  • The public service should not have any unions
  • The government should not be able to legislate back-to-work for any private sector union
  • Abortion should be legal and promoted with the same effort as birth control
  • There should be no religion-based public schools
  • The environment must be protected from exploitation, but not from use

Meh. The best of these come out in non-thinking discussion. Trying to think of these on purpose just seems lame. The bottom line is that Bill & Ted really did put it best – we need to ‘be excellent to each other’. There is no room for selfishness anymore.

Corporations are People?

Had this discussion the other day after I heard Mitt Romney’s dumb remark. You know when you can’t tell if someone’s serious or not? This.

15:13 N-Bomb: what
15:13 N-Bomb: Romney said ‘corporations are people’ ?
15:13 Enron: probably
15:15 N-Bomb: wow.
15:15 N-Bomb: Your nation has to get rid of that kind of thinking
15:16 Enron: why? Corporations are people.  It’s made up of people, kept going by people, making money for people
15:16 N-Bomb: So then the government is a person too
15:16 Enron: that’s not the first time ive heard that before
15:16 N-Bomb: And so is my house
15:16 N-Bomb: my car is a person
15:17 Enron: govt is made up of people, yes
15:17 N-Bomb: So where does my car register to vote?
15:17 N-Bomb: An organization is NOT a person.
15:17 Enron: your house is not made up of people, though.
15:17 Enron: neither is your car or your keyboard
15:17 N-Bomb: People live in it
15:17 N-Bomb: it’s kept going by people
15:17 Enron: people USE it.
15:17 N-Bomb: People USE the corporation
15:17 N-Bomb: it’s a TOOL
15:17 Dansolo: I kinda agree with N
15:17 N-Bomb: for the accumulation of CAPITAL
15:17 Enron: but the corporation isn’t an inanimate object
15:17 N-Bomb: Right, it’s intangible
15:18 Enron: its a grouping of people
15:18 N-Bomb: If you’re not a HUMAN BEING
15:18 N-Bomb: you’re not a person
15:18 Dansolo: Yes, but you can’t regard it as something beyond the people that make it up.
15:18 Enron: ive heard my own company use that same line
15:18 N-Bomb: And this may change with advances in AI
15:18 Enron: for morale boosters
15:18 Dansolo: The goals of the corporation are not the same as the goals of the people in it.
15:18 N-Bomb: But for now
15:18 N-Bomb: That kind of degenerate thinking is part of what’s causing your nation’s problems
15:18 Enron: a corporation is people
15:18 Dansolo: Meaning I don’t like how large corporations lobby the government
15:18 Enron: much like your office is people
15:18 Dansolo: and all that other shit that they do
15:19 N-Bomb: it distorts the representation of REAL people
15:19 Enron: much like a church is people
15:19 N-Bomb: My off is not people
15:19 N-Bomb: My office is an office.
15:19 N-Bomb: A church is a building.
15:19 Dansolo: only individual people should have any say about anything
15:19 Enron: no, a church is an organization
15:19 Enron: a church building is a building.
15:19 Dansolo: people in an organization should only be regarded as an actual group of people when they are IN that organization (i.e. AT WORK)
15:19 N-Bomb: No, a CHURCH is a BUILDING named a CHURCH
15:20 Enron: seriously does n-bomb not really get how organizations are people?
15:20 Dansolo: otherwise, they should be completely separate things
15:20 Dansolo: I get what you’re saying
15:20 Enron: so the Catholic Church
15:20 N-Bomb: Because otherwise it would just be a STRUCTURE
15:20 Enron: is a building?
15:20 Enron: D:
15:20 Enron: hey guys
15:20 Dansolo: but I don’t like it
15:20 Enron: all organized religion
15:20 Enron: is just a building!
15:20 N-Bomb: The church, as an organization, is an organization.
15:20 Dansolo: well
15:20 Dansolo: buildings
15:20 Dansolo: are FAR more useful than religion
15:20 N-Bomb: The people IN the organizations are people.
15:20 N-Bomb: THEY get consideration
15:20 Enron: the pope is actually a brick split-level ranch!
15:20 N-Bomb: The organization itself does not.
15:21 N-Bomb: <+Enron> no, a church is an organization <– *a* church
15:21 N-Bomb: church as an organization is a ‘the’
15:21 N-Bomb: So would it be fair to give certain people more than one vote in an election?
15:22 N-Bomb: This is the kind of simple logic that seems to evade some people ~_~
15:22 Enron: its more like your logic is weird and twisted
15:22 N-Bomb: No
15:23 N-Bomb: It can’t be any simpler than ‘organizations are organizations, not people’
15:23 Dansolo: no
15:23 Dansolo: his logic is right for once
15:23 Dansolo: he just sucks at explaining it
15:23 Enron: basically, correct logic in bombfantasyland is “anything that I agree with”
15:23 Enron: and everything else is illogical
15:23 N-Bomb: ‘people are living beings (currently) classified as homo sapiens’
15:23 Dansolo: you can’t count a person once as an individual
15:23 Dansolo: and then again as part of a group
15:23 Enron: organizations are made of people. Organizations are therefore people.
15:23 N-Bomb: If you’re not a living individual, you cannot be a ‘person’
15:23 Enron: do organizations get a vote? no
15:24 N-Bomb: Of course they do
15:24 Enron: if you build a house out of bricks
15:24 Dansolo: How about workers unions that have seats in the government?
15:24 N-Bomb: not as such
15:24 Enron: its a house
15:24 Enron: but its still brick
15:24 N-Bomb: Dansolo: correct
15:24 N-Bomb: voting isn’t the only influence
15:24 N-Bomb: So organizations are soylent green :P
15:24 N-Bomb: <+Enron> organizations are made of people. Organizations are therefore people. <– don’t know if serious
15:25 Enron: the boy scouts of america are people. The national organization of Women are people.
15:25 Enron: what are they if not people?
15:25 Enron: cats?
15:25 Enron: dogs?
15:25 Enron: pencils?
15:26 Enron: speakers?
15:26 N-Bomb: The BOY SCOUTS themselves are people
15:26 N-Bomb: The Boy Scouts organization is NOT
15:26 Enron: its a grouping of people.  How can a grouping of people not be people?
15:26 N-Bomb: You’re saying that books are words.
15:26 N-Bomb: Because it’s a GROUPING
15:26 Enron: technically, they are.
15:26 N-Bomb: The PEOPLE in the group ARE THE PEOPLE.
15:27 N-Bomb: The house is not the bricks, it is MADE of bricks.
15:27 Enron: so do they cease existing as people if they are a part of an organization?
15:27 N-Bomb: The bricks are a component.
15:27 Enron: there’s a serious flaw in your logic here
15:27 N-Bomb: How do you figure? Their status does not change either way
15:27 N-Bomb: Just like the organization’s status does not change
15:27 Enron: is your bowling team not people?
15:27 N-Bomb: With people or without, the organization is not a person.
15:27 Enron: without people
15:27 Enron: there is no organization
15:27 N-Bomb: No, otherwise it wouldn’t have a specific name
15:28 N-Bomb: it wouldn’t be a team
15:28 N-Bomb: It would be Roy
15:28 N-Bomb: We are Roy
15:28 N-Bomb: You’re taking this idea way too far >.>
15:28 Enron: im not taking anything too far.  Im just explaining that groupings of people are still people.
15:28 Enron: is your family not made up of people?
15:29 N-Bomb: Made up of people
15:29 N-Bomb: Not a person.
15:29 N-Bomb: This is why we have hierarchical designations for components.
15:29 Enron: you have this notion that people that have come together to work as a corporation somehow are no longer people and should be treated like a thing, because of your irrational hatred for corporations
15:29 N-Bomb: Atoms make molecules
15:29 N-Bomb: molecules make cells
15:30 N-Bomb: cells make organs
15:30 Dansolo: honestly
15:30 N-Bomb: organs make people
15:30 N-Bomb: people make organizations
15:30 Dansolo: I think that N-Bomb’s argument is common sense
15:30 N-Bomb: and so on
15:30 Dansolo: I think that Enron’s argument at the moment is as bad as N-Bomb’s usual arguments are
15:30 N-Bomb: But the one higher in the order is NOT the one in the lower.
15:30 Enron: congrats, bomb, the most irrational of the teapartiers in this channel
15:30 Enron: agrees with you
15:30 N-Bomb: Otherwise there would be no distinguishment between them.
15:30 Dansolo: the group itself is irrelevant
15:30 Enron: another blow to n-bomb’s logic
15:30 Dansolo: only the individuals are relevent
15:31 N-Bomb: Dansolo is correct
15:31 Dansolo: anything else is corruption
15:31 N-Bomb: The group only has a name to distinguish it from nothingness
15:31 N-Bomb: and for identification purposes
15:31 Enron: lol, the two most irrational people politically in this channel agree with each other. Oh no!
15:32 Enron: anyways, bombs retardedness aside, mitt romney is right in that you can’t dehumanize a group (corporations) in order to push your will onto them
15:32 Enron: they are people too
15:32 N-Bomb: No
15:32 N-Bomb: The people in the group are people.
15:32 Enron: should they have legal personhood?
15:33 Enron: probably not
15:33 N-Bomb: They have personhood as being people
15:33 Enron: but that’s not what they were talking about
15:33 N-Bomb: Their group should not.
15:34 N-Bomb: Either way it’s flawed thinking
15:34 Enron: i agree, your thinking is indeed flawed.
15:44 salkaman: <+Enron> is your family not made up of people?  <- perhaps my family should have an extra say in country policy, on top of my own vote as an individual
15:46 Enron: <salkaman> <+Enron> is your family not made up of people?  <- perhaps my family should have an extra say in country policy, on top of my own vote as an individual – we werent talking about actual legal personhood
15:47 Enron: just of the concept that organizations of people are…people
15:47 Enron: giving your family an extra vote is dumb anyways
15:48 salkaman: giving corporations extra votes is dumb also, enron

Richard can be quite eloquent

This is word for word (except where I’ve abbreviated names to protect people’s privacy) the email my good friend Richard sent out to all of us regarding our upcoming yearly ‘outdoors’ weekend trip. He really can write a good *whatever* when he wants. Lots of good memories mentioned.


Hey all,

We’ve booked a cottage just north of Barrie, on the outskirts of Orillia for the weekend of September 9-11 (Friday night to Sunday noon).

It’s big enough to sleep 8, however I’m sure we can stretch that if more people are interested.  Here’s a few highlights of this cottage:

– canoe
– rowboat
– firepit
– air hockey
– propane BBQ
– walk out deck
– a second deck on the water
– fireplace
– hot tub

The total cost is $650 for the weekend, and so far we have 6 confirmations for both nights.  We need to know if any of you would like to also come up for either one or two nights.  The total cost would be split depending on how many nights you spend, so we would LOVE it if you could come for one or both nights.  Here’s a list of the local celebrities that will be at the cottage for both nights:

Richard K
Alva A
Daniel L
Danielle M
Nick S
Justin P

Yes, you too can be added to this star studded lineup.  Just reply ASAP with your RSVP for either one night or two.  You’ll also be treated to some world class eating as I will be performing all Executive Chef duties for this weekend trip as well. Suggestions are welcome, and will be seriously considered with a confirmation of attendance.

This is an annual tradition started way back in 2002 at the Darlington Provincial Park.  Don’t miss out on possible future “can’t miss” memories like:

– the choo-choo train passing through the campsite on an hourly basis
– Nick throwing an axe at a raccoon
– an unknown man aggressively approaching Nick with an axe in his hand
– a broken window via a badly kicked soccer ball
– over-proof unnamed European alcohol destroying everything in its path
– huddling in a small shack without heat on a cold night only to find the thermostat the next morning
– being charged with a traffic violation because Nick high beamed and honked his horn at me, thus awaking the park ranger from his slumber
– eating freshly cooked bacon, and then french toast cooked in the rendered bacon fat
– jumping into very cold bodies of water
– playing the guessing game as to which bathing suit Nick will bring
– hoping that Tony will not bring his transparent bathing suit
– meeting interesting single ladies from Barrie with rhyming names
– being thankful that Nick brought his massive tarp to give shelter against rainstorms
– attempting to keep a fire going all night at all costs by burning anything flammable

… and there are many more.

Come one, come all!

How Time Travel Works

This has been a theory that’s been stuck in my mind for a long time, and it’s quite simple. If this has already been thought of by someone else, I can only claim ignorance as I’ve never heard it before. **disclaimer**

So much in nature has this tendency to stay the same, given no outside forces. Why wouldn’t ‘time’ be the same? I feel that given the proper technology, time travel would be trivial.

“But what about interfering in the past? Small changes that would affect the future? How can you know anything when something like the butterfly effect could be present?” you might ask.

Think of an event as a snowflake. One snowflake on its own is trivial. It can be melted or destroyed or what have you with no effort at all. But as snowflakes pile up, they can become substantial. Roll a snowball down a hill and eventually you could destroy the world, right?

In this vein of thought, think of how events are inter-linked. When something happens, the event in and of itself is often quite small, almost inconsequential. It’s the result of these events which is usually the important bit.

The longer time goes on, the more things that have possibly been influenced by this event. It’s in this way that you could say that the ‘weight of history’ bears down upon events, much like the snowball effect, and that the more time has passed, the more ‘temporal inertia’ a given event has, such that if one went back in time the universe would actively resist a change to any weighty events.

This only works in reverse, meaning that all this temporal energy flows backwards in time to the branch’s point of origin. For example: if you killed went to Rome and got robbed, and this caused you to lose your house somehow, getting robbed would have less temporal inertia than the decision to go to Rome. If you wanted to change history, you’d want to stop the mugging rather than the entire trip because that would take less energy on your part – the universe would resist it less (relatively, anyway).

What form would this universal ‘resistance’ take? Well think of it as an almost passive-active reorganization of small events with little to no temporal inertia of their own. If one went back in time to attempt to assassinate Hitler before 1933, one might find any number of things getting in his way: they might miss if firing a gun, a car might break down on the person’s way to get to where he meant to plant a bomb – that bomb might even end up being a dud. In extreme circumstances, the time traveller could be killed through some accident while attempting to change this historical event.


Hard to karate-chop someone when you keep tripping on cracks in the street!


The universe can only put up so much of a fight though. Just like an asteroid threatening the Earth would be destroyed (and the Earth saved! yay!) by a big enough missile/laser/use of force, if you can put enough energy into changing the path of history, you certainly could. Using our Hitler example, just one man might find it impossible to do such a thing, but send back a large group of men, all with proper equipment etc, and it would be conceivable that at least one of these men, with his future-gun capable of shooting target-seeking smart-bullets, would be able to gun down Hitler outside of some nondescript bar in Bavaria, thus changing history forever.

With all this in mind, I’m of the opinion that time travel could be a safe and enjoyable new tourist industry, since anyone going back could only have little to no affect on their timeline.

Good Business Alert!!

I bought a Broil King BBQ recently. I wanted to have it ready for a BBQ I was hosting for my friends, and it came just in time.

I set it all up and went to bed (took me a while because I was multitasking. Shut up Dansolo!)

I didn’t notice until the next day, when I was seasoning the cooking grids (those grilles that you actually cook food on) that one of them had come out of the box with 4 of the… rungs? cracked and broken off from the main frame. This is a bit dangerous, I thought, because not just was the ceramic coating cracked, but when the grid heated up and expanded (cast iron!) it might pop or something. Maybe debris in food. I dunno!

Crick crack!

So anyway, I called up the support line @ Onward Manufacturing (the company that makes Broil King BBQs I guess) and after a slightly cumbersome telephone directory, I talked to a nice gentleman who took my serial number and model number, and my problem. He then took my shipping info and had a new grid mailed out.

I waited a bit for it to get here, and yesterday it did. I was under the impression that they’d be sending an entire new set (which I said was unnecessary) but only the single replacement arrived, which is fine. I actually respect the lack of waste!

So that’s the long-winded way of saying that I’m going to go and season the new one and pop it on, and that I’m highly impressed with Broil King/Onward’s customer service! This is one purchase I don’t regret, and I’m happy to recommend one of their BBQs to anyone who asks.